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About country: 

Colombia is bordered on the northwest by Panama, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and on the southwest by Peru and Ecuador. Through the western half of the country, three Andean ranges run north and south. The eastern half is a low, jungle-covered plain, drained by spurs of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, inhabited mostly by isolated tropical-forest Indian tribes. The fertile plateau and valley of the eastern range are the most densely populated parts of the country.

Colombia shares borders with five neighboring countries. In order of shared border length, these are: Venezuela (2,050km), Brazil (1,643 km), Peru (1,496 km), Ecuador (590 km), and Panama (225 km).

Database stats (updated 01/12/19): 

Field Count
Name 181'258
Address 181'258
Phone 148'400
E-mail 47'964
Webpage 53'467
City 150'401
Activity 105'593
Province 124'760
Contact person 2'039

Are the emails, specified in the databases, active?

We automatically check e-mail relevance each month and the system excludes any inactive ones from the database.

I have paid for the services, when will I receive the database?

The system will automatically generate database files after the payment is received and sends you a download link via email.

How old are the databases?

Open source internet data is updated each month.

Where are companies catalogues collected from?

Business catalogues are collected from publicly available sources (internet websites, search systems, catalogues of the companies and other). We collect data only of active companies – the companies that publish their data in internet. If the company publish false information about itself we are not responsible for this.